Recently I purchased a Teenage Engineering OP-Z. Many of you have probably seen the OP-1 videos all over the internet—it looks like a weird piece of medical equipment, but it makes sweet, sweet tunes. The OP-Z is their new flagship product, not trying to replace the OP-1, but it is smaller and more powerful in some interesting ways.

Here's a track I made in the first couple of hours of owning the OP-Z.

I've been working on a few more since, and even using some in the Disney podcast I'm making with my wife, Bored & Sassy.

Because my first dabbling on the OP-Z isn't all that impressive, here's a set on the OP-Z from one of the best-known OP-1 youtubers who has been deep-diving on the OP-Z and making instructional videos for the community.

If you haven't checked out Jeremy's work before go check out his channel, Red Means Recording.